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    Sign Writers

    Sign writing is an art form and one that many sign makers take great pride in. A sign should have writing that is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. This is considered the requirements for a well-designed sign. Here are some suggestions to create a design for signage:

    Sketch ideas first
    Using a pencil, sketch out a rough idea of your sign. Try different lettering variations and sizes. Make your sketch as detailed as possible for easy transfer to the actual sign. Try using symbols to represent ideas and names. Be creative.
    Sign surface consideration
    Be sure to remember what the surface of your sign will be like. If it is a wooden surface, chiseling out the letters or scorching the letters into the wooden surface may be a great idea. Paint or printing ink would also display elegantly on a wooden sign. If the sign is metal, vinyl, or plastic consider using printers ink to display the lettering and images. The key is to imagine how the finished product will look on different surfaces using different application techniques.
    Sign background color
    The background color of your sign will influence the overall effect of the sign. Try to get a pleasing contrast between the back ground and the lettering. Think about the size of the lettering in relation to the size of the sign. Imagine the sign being viewed by people in a moving vehicle and the time they will have to digest the displayed message. Considering these factors will increase the effectiveness of your sign and you will get a better return on your investment.