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    Fabricated Metal Signs

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    Fabricated Metal Sign - The Standard in Expert Signage

    Our fabricated metal signs comply with international manufacturing standards. We have experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen using the latest laser-cut technologies and fabrication techniques. Our quality control staff inspect every sign we produce and the signs don't leave our facility until they meet our high standards.

    There is no metal sign project that is too complex or intricate. These dynamic and durable metal sign solutions allow for the innovative creativity that modern sign fabrication demand.

    Fabricated metal signs are ideal for exterior or interior building signage and these types of signs create dramatic dimensional effects that speak for themselves.

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    Fabricated Metal Sign Gallery


    Letter Type

    There are many fonts and letter types but when it comes to pricing, we base it on just four types: Arial, Serif, Script, and Gothic.

    Arial letter type


    Serif letter type


    Script letter type


    Gothic letter type


    Arial type fonts are very cost effective because they are the easiest font type to fabricate.

    Serif type fonts tend to take more time to manufacture. The returns on this font style have many edges and curves to cut and fold and requires more labour to complete the job.

    Script type fonts are generally the most expensive fonts to fabricate. The return length on this font type is larger then the previous two fonts which means more materials, more curves to fabricate, and more length that require labour intensive methods.

    Gothic type fonts are a variation of the Arial font. The biggest difference is that these type of fonts are much thicker. Because of this extra thickness, Gothic fonts use more materials than arial fonts.


    Letter Height

    Letter height diagram

    The height of a letter can very from 50mm to 1000mm in stainless steel, but we are able to manufacture larger in Aluminum if required.

    The image to the left shows how we calculate letter dimensions.


    Our Materials

    We offer Stainless Steel in both 304 and 316.316. It is marine grade and will retain its finish in all outdoor environments. The Stainless Steel can be plated in the colors below:

    Stainless Option

    Stainless Steel

    Gold Option

    Titanium Gold

    Rose Gold Option

    Titanium Rose Gold

    Black Option

    Titanium Black

    Bronze Option

    Titanium Bronze

    We have additional colors available but these are not regularly held in stock.

    Material Thickness

    The material thickness of the face is determined by the height of the letter. Letters that are less than 300mm are fabricated with a face thickness of 1mm. Letters that are greater than 300mm are fabricated with a face thickness of 1.2mm. All returns are 0.8mm regardless of letter height.


    Surface Finishes

    Mill Finish is an option where the surface is not considered 'finished'. Mill finish is generally used in applications where paint will be applied.

    Satin Finish


    This is a brushed finish.

    Mirror Finish


    This is a reflective metallic finish.

    Most of our finishes can be combined to create truly unique signage.


    Letter Styles

    Front Channel

    Front Channel

    Back Channel

    Back Channel

    Closed-back Shoe Box

    Closed-back Shoe Box

    Closed-back Soldered

    Closed-back Soldered

    Front Channel - Solid front and sides with back hollowed out. May be used with inset LED's.

    Back Channel -Solid back and sides with front hollowed out. In most cases, has an acrylic insert in the front to cover LED's.

    Closed-back Shoe Box - An enclosed letter – much like a shoebox.

    Closed-back Soldered - Front and back face with soldered return. Solid letter appearance.


    Letter Mounting

    We are able to develop individual installations from your specifications and with each set of letters we provide a full size paper template on which the locations of the mounting positions are marked. This can then be used as a drilling jig.

    Standard application methods used include plug or click on, rivet nut, adhesive and channel mount, examples of these are shown on the next page.

    Plastic Inserts Letter Mounting LED letters

    Plastic Inserts

    Letters can also be made in combination with a plastic insert. We use acrylic inserts in a variety of colours and polycarbonate in transparent only. Acrylic inserts are either 3mm or 10mm thick depending on the application and polycarbonate inserts are 4.5mm thick. These are kept in place with small clips that can only be seen on the inside of the letter. Inserts can be placed at either the back or front of the letters and are generally used in conjunction with LED’s inside the letter.


    Fabricated Sign Pricing

    The price of this product is not fixed. There are many factors that contibute the production of this type of signage. If you are needing a price, please call us or click one of the quote request buttons on our website. You can even request a quote here.

    We realise that getting a fabricated metal sign can be a daunting and confusing task. That is why we promise to assist you every step of the way!

    Free Quote Requirements

    • A PDF or JPG image of the artwork
    • Vector format artwork (DXF, DWG, EPS or ai)
    • Letter Style/font
    • Height and width of letters
    • Return height (Letter Depth)
    • Material choice
    • Surface finish
    • Mounting Type
    • Where seams in letters need to be